《機器人夢遊症》Robot Somnambulism
蕭立峻 Richard Hsiao

2016︱紀錄片 Documentary︱Color︱90 min│3/13(一)│14:00│台南藝術大學 音像大樓152放映室


Foxconn, the world's largest electronics OEM factory, manufactured and assembled more than 50% iPhone of the world. In 2010, the serial jumping of Foxconn workers caught attention. People holding iPhone suddenly noticed that it's producer were working like a robot, acting every 7 seconds, 12 hour a day. They felt a bit uneasy, but cannot loosen their hand. Smartphone has changed human life completely. On the other side, the company supplying touch panels to HTC were suppressing worker union. Union and supporting students choose HTC to protest, making its managers feel embarrassed and aggrieved. Meanwhile, one of HTC engineer died possibly because of overworking. His last message on Facebook was "off work, issue still not resolved", AM 3 o'clock, Sunday. In this era, robotic people making humanized machine, is it a hopeless tragedy, or the beginning of a brave new world?



工作人員 / Crew

監製Production Supervisor|蔡崇隆 Tsai Tsung-lung


製片 Producer|紀岳君 Chi Yueh-chun


導演  Director|蕭立峻 Richard Hsiao


攝影 Photography| 蕭立峻 Richard Hsiao、蔡崇隆Tsai Tsung-lung

紀岳君 Chi Yueh-chun、陳一芸Chen Yi-yun

陳曉雯 Chen Hsiao-wen


剪接  Editor|蕭立峻 Richard Hsiao


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